La dernière Réunion Générale du consortium MIROCALS a eu lieu les 7 et 8 juin 2018 à Milan pour présenter les avancements du projet.

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End of trial recruitment phase this autumn

The MIROCALS (Modifying Immune Response and Outcomes in ALS) Clinical Trial is still on-going, with recruitment continuing until the end of September 2019.

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Charities and Patient Associations rally around MIROCALS to show their support

Clinical trials are expensive to run and with several more neurology clinics taking part, ...

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Will Brexit impact on MIROCALS?

As with everything else affected by Brexit, there are probably more questions than answers!

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Ce projet est financé par le programme « Horizon 2020 - Instrument PME » de l’Union européenne sous le numéro de subvention 633413.